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PACADE has held a number of conferences, seminars and workshops for the promotion of adult continuing education in Pakistan. Mention may particularly be made of South Asian Conference held in 1987 on the subject of Continuing Education-key to Effective Living  and of workshop on literacy methodology, functional literacy, community involvement, monitoring and post-literacy material. PACADE has made more than 5000 women literate in villages near Lahore. It runs Female Literacy Centers primarily in villages near Lahore to test literacy methodologies.

PACADE has been particularly keen to highlight and propagate the cause of Female literacy. It also has had a program for research on literacy on literacy and continuing education including a journal on Continuing Education, a Magazine of and for newly literate women and also a number of books.


In his capacity as a Newspaper columnist, PACADE President has been helping UNESCO Islamabad invoilve the media in the promotion of literacy in Pakistan.He has written a number of papers on literacy and has contributed more than a dozen columns in the newspapers on the subject. PACADE was selected by the UNDPI secretariat to participate in the UN Millennium Forum held in the NEW York in 2000.

PACADE's two-monthly Newsletter issued with the cooperation of UNESCO, contains information about UNESCO and NGOs aactivities in Pakistan as well as news pertainning to the UN and other international agencies.

Lobbying and Networking:

PACADE has acted as a pressure group with the central and provincial governments and NGOs for launching of National Adult Literacy programs and related matters.

PACADE holds meetings with the NGOs working for literacy and continuing education and has a programme for exchanging views and experiences with them in seminars and workshops focused on common interests and concerns, PACADE played a leading role in the establishment of LANGOS (The Lahore Association of NGOs) consisting of 20 large NGOs of Pakistan which provides a forum for NGOs network and for taking joint action on common issues and problems.

Adults Female Literacy Methodology:

One of the major objectives of PACADE in running Adult Female Literacy Centers has been to test appropriate methodologies. Based on ten years experience it has developed a methodology. It has been published in the form of a book-let.

Continuing Education:

Besides activities relating to literacy, PACADE has organi a number of programs on the subjects of Health Education, Enviorment Education for the Disabled, Civic Education, IT Education and Law and the Citizens.
The only book on basic information about the concept and practice of continuing education, in Pakistan has been published by PACADE.

Literacy Resource Center:

PACADE is currently developing a Literacy Resource Centre. The main components of the Centre are Research, Training, Material Development and Documentation. An important initiative in hand, in this connection is dissemination of basic element of information management.
  PACADE has a program for research on literacy and continuing education. PACADE brought out a bilingual journal on literacy and continuing education for a number of years. It produced the first book in Pakistan on the concept and practice of continuing education. Another book of translations of valuable articles written by adult education experts and scholars from different countries has also been published. Other publications include reports on proceedings of the workshops and seminars as well as a magazine based on writing of neo-literate women and teachers.
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