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About the literacy Forum

The literacy Forum fulfills a long-felt need to mobilize the literacy organizations and specifically bring together literacy NGOs to work for the promotion of the cause of Education For All in Pakistan.

Unfortunately the government despite considerable activities has fallen short of its commitments to achieve the National Plan Of Action targets set in pursuance of UNESCO led World Education Forum Goals declared at Dakar Senegal in year 2000.With the result that in addition to millions of out-of-school children about 55 million Pakistani of age 10 and above today are utterly illiterate.

There has been eloquent affirmation of the pressing need for literacy in Pakistan in speeches and statements made at the highest level but the commitment has not been translated into action.Because inadequate financial allocations only a limited number of literacy centres have been opened.

The education budget in Pakistan is about 2 % of GDP while the minimum advocated by UNESCO is 4 %. many South Asian countries spend more than 4 %.

The Literacy Forum by polling the ideas and resources of a large number of NGOs hopefully will help government and other agencies to fulfill the promise of literate Pakistan and to meet the Education For All, targets. The Forum will also act as network for exchange of ideas and experiences and help build up literacy NGOs capacity.

Vision: A Literate Pakistan and Education for All

Mission: To Pool the strength and capablities of wroking for Literacy to Lobby for education for all,act as a pressure group on Government and network to build NGO s' Capacity


  1. To hold perdiocal forum meetings.
  2. To exchange the ideas and experiences.
  3. Toundertakeresearch.                                                                                         
  4. To develop a programme of publications including newsletters,A journal and research  reports.
  5. To hold workshops,seminars and conferences
  6. To enhance linkages with concerned Government, National and International,organization including donors.          
  7. To keep a watch on government Policies and programmes and implementations and communicates forum 's view and suggestions to government and international agencies.
  8.  To develop relations with the media including TV Channels

The Literacy Forum Members

  1. Pacade                           
  2. Khoj
  3. Jaag
  4. Godh
  5. Bunyad
  6. Heal
  7. NCHD
  8. Sudhaar
  9. Amen Society
  10. Nirali Kitabein
  11. Taleem-O-Agahi,
  12. Literate Pakistan (Jugnoo)
  13. Self Help Enterpreneur (SHE)
  14. Pakistan Girl Guide Association
  15. Hameed Khowaja Trust
  16. Action Aid
  17. SAHE
  18. IER Department of the Punjab University,Lahore
  19. Escorts Foundation
  20. Pakistan Society for Plan Parenthood
  21. Yes Pakistan
  22. System Foundation Faisalabad
  23. Child Care Foundation(CCF)
  24. Caritas
  25. Red Pakistan
  26. Aagahi
  27. Escorts Foundation
  28. Community Support Concern(CSC)
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